Is Mark Zuckerberg against sexual health?

Due to the world of political correctness that we live in, where we can not say almost anything without having random people “canceling” everyone and as a former FB employee I would like to believe that’s the reason why FB doesn’t allow ads on sexual health products and stores.

Disclaimer: I personally got to know the huge silent work Facebook inc has done (and continues to do) against children pornography having the most sophisticated software to detect any kind of content related to children pornography and prostitution and has worked with several governments internationally to stop sick people from participating in it, saving children and vulnerable people along the way. This among many other organizations inside the company which operate in silence (without getting any benefit to its brand for the work they do) We all love to hate on FB for many reasons but forget to also acknowledge how much good it actually has done. And how much it still has to work on to avoid being used as a tool for terrible things happening globally.

Having said this, I am still in shock seeing how this Norwegian sexual health boutique focused in high end products has faced this kind of ads rejections:

to this kind of ads:

I understand FB doesn’t want to fill people’s newsfeed with penis shaped dildos and vulgar images that can be miss understood as promoting porn(which is an industry full of human traffic, prostitution and horrific stuff that includes children), 100% agree, but the solution can not be “to ban all sexual content that encourages pleasure” even when it is only targeting 20+ year old adults.

I actually completely disagree with the idea that sexual health and the benefits of masturbation should only be a talk for 18+ year old adults like every blog post mentions.
It is a taboo for that reason and again when you read the benefits of masturbation it goes from mental health, increase of happy hormone dopamine and oxytocin which lowers cortisol the “stress hormone”. And yes there are some “risks” like becoming addicted to it which a lot of young teenagers go through that addiction process because no one guided them on how they can control it and do it in a healthy way.
This should be an open conversation with young teenagers, the same way we talk about eating healthy, the importance of exercising, mindfullness, all humans are sexual beings and we have to stop making this subject a taboo so they can learn about it in a healthy way instead of letting teenagers learn about sex with porn (which teaches them mostly disrespect, violence and aggression) and start guiding them into a healthy sex life.

Anyways that is my rant of the day. If you want to support the sex health boutique give it a like on social media -> IG Although it only delivers in Norway at the moment it always helps to support the ones that are actually doing a good job in their field.

What do you think about this subject? should platforms like FB , twitter and so on open up to sexual content that is actually healthy or stay closed to avoid risky content to leak?

One Reply to “Is Mark Zuckerberg against sexual health?”

  1. I think a picture of a woman hugging herself is about as tame as they could possibly make it and to still not get approved as an ad seems crazy. I think it’s good they are doing alot to stop child pornography and such, that stuff is just sick, but ads like this for sexual health (a totally normal thing) shouldn’t get rejected. It’s going too extreme.


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